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Our objective is to provide quality education and training for all our students, and we have equipped Citypro Institute with adequate resources to fulfill their needs. Citypro Institute emphasizes on quality rather then quantity. We believe in providing excellent education to all our students. Citypro Institute assures the students’ career advancement through the range of courses available, at the college.

As an addition to lecturing, we also provide tutorial sessions for our students to further enhance their understanding. Here, we provide students with practice questions and hold group discussions. Where both students and tutors can exchange views and create an environment suitable for learning. Our notes and materials are constantly updated to reflect changes in the syllabus, as well as changes in the practical world.

An updated library with texts and journals for the various courses offered has been set-up to serve as a research centre for students and lecturers alike. We believe that learning is a continuous process, and our lecturers and tutors are constantly being given opportunities to develop themselves. This is further enhanced by our Multimedia computer systems which are internally linked to provide on-line information and also to provide hands-on training to prepare students for the working environment.

We also provide counseling sessions for students to help them in deciding on the course of studies to suit their needs and ambitions. Here, we are supported by experienced counselors who are ready to attend to the student’s queries and doubts.

The course prepares students for immediate employment in the accounting profession. It allows students to pursue higher level courses such as degrees or professional qualifications. Students are encouraged to equip themselves with knowledge of the latest computer software packages. Students can pursue such packages at substantially reduced rates at our college. Those students who are seeking better English proficiency are encouraged to sign up for the English courses.

Citypro Institute also provides the service of finding Job Placements, for our students, upon completion of their courses as an additional commitment on our part to ensure their educational well-being. Citypro Institute would assist students to achieve their goal and show them the path that will make a difference in their lives.



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